PACT & Prime Time

Merry Petersen is the PACT teacher at Van Buren.  She serves as primary advocate and resource in the area of gifted education for students and families as well as a liaison among District, teachers, students and parents pertaining to the academic and affective needs of gifted learners in elementary grades. 


Sue Scott is the ACE teacher at Van Buren.  ACE (Academic Challenge Experiences) is a kindergarten and first grade program facilitated by the Cedar Rapids PACT department. ACE is designed to identify and recognize student potential, gather and share data and collaborate with district and building staff. 

Goals for the ACE Program

  • Identify kindergarten and first grade students who possess characteristics and behaviors that indicate a student may be talented in a particular academic area.  

  • Analyze collected student data in order to support learning opportunities for high achieving students.

    Collaborate and support kindergarten and first grade classroom staff and students to challenge and enrich the district’s core curriculum.  The PACT department has K-1   resources available including math and reading materials